Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Sometimes we find ourselves having to deal with unresolved life challenges and difficulties. We may wish to have someone who can help us make sense of the struggles we face. During individual therapy session you will be able to reflect and address some of the following:

• Unresolved trauma (it could be sexual abuse or accidents)
• Unresolved or new grief (having lost someone closest to you)
• Challenges relating to low self-esteem or poor self-confidence
• Phobias, anxieties & unexplained constant fears
• Self-development

Family Therapy

There is a saying that goes “we can choose our friends, but we cannot choose our families”. This may prove very difficult if you have to constantly deal with family members who either hurt you deliberately or unaware. You may feel helpless and trapped or even struggle to assert yourself, but yet need a neutral platform to express your feelings to that individual that hurts you. A family therapy may be the best platform to address issues such as:

• Parent-child conflicts
• Sibling rivalry
• Disclosure of illness or history of abuse
• Express expectations, desires & wishes

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Every parent or care-giver wishes and hopes for the best for those under their care. But what happens when you notice some developmental delays, disruptive behaviour or even strange behaviour in your child. The first thing that happens is that you will panic, feel frustrated, powerless and helpless. You may even make a lot of mistakes while trying to come to terms with your child’s challenging behaviours or problems. It is therefore helpful to seek professional help to make sense of your child’s problems or problematic behaviours. Your child may benefit from our services if he/she presents with the following:

• Concentration problems
• Poor performance at school
• Aggressive behaviour
• Bullying or being bullied
• Fearful or isolate himself/herself
• Attempted suicide (e.g. overdose of tablets)
• Drug use (including alcohol abuse)

Couple Therapy

Starting or building intimate relationships may seem a wonderful thing for most people. But for some, intimate relationships may prove to be disastrous and may have undesirable consequences for the rest of your life. Despite this, you may feel if you were to work hard enough on that seemingly unworkable relationship things may get better for you and your special one. Intimate relationship problems are unavoidable, that is the reason why having someone that you and the loved one can see together may save that relationship or marriage. So, if you feel the following are challenges in your intimate relationship, do not hesitate to consult with us:

• Poor communication
• Feeling controlled, trapped or losing who yourself
• Struggling with trust issues
• Infidelity
• Disclosures
• Feeling disinterested or neglected
• Feeling unappreciated
• Struggling to resolve your differences

Rates and Payments

All medical aid cards are accepted. Please bring medical aid card to the first appointment.
Cash Rate is R850 per session. Each session is an hour.